Adrian Chan


Adrian Chan was born in 1995 and raised in Hong Kong, and became fascinated with painting at an early age. He is attending Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where he will be graduating in June 2019 as honoured student in double majors of painting and illustration, and a minor in drawing in Bachelor of Fine Art.

Adrian’s paintings were exhibited, and in Chengdu Art Exhibition his paintings raised money for the aftermath of Lusan Earthquake in 2013. All seventeen of his exhibited works were sold and all moneys were donated to Sheen Lok Charitable Foundation. He is currently based in Hong Kong.

Vision Marketing Statement

Adrian Chan’s adventurous and vibrant spirit grew from his passion in music, film, car racing, and horse racing. Painting, drawing, and illustration are the medium of choice for his creative expression. His work allows him to constantly explore new ideas and techniques, inviting the viewers to experience his creation in diverse ways. He has an eye for details and design; he urges high standards in whatever work he undertakes.

References and Testimonials

“Adrian displayed himself as a very focused and conscientious student. The course allowed a real depth of research, where Adrian took many photographs with depth, clarity and beauty. Clearly a creative spirit, Adrian is keen to express his work and ideas with other students in a lively manner, adding depth, character and interesting thought patterns that inspire others to delve deeper with their artistic pursuits.

 Kate Collins
Mia Castenskjold
Central Saint Martins
London( 2012)

“He demonstrates good Systematic and Technical skills. His advantage is his ability to interpret projects and deploy his imaginative approach to subject.

 Martin Guderna
Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Vancouver( 2013)

“Adrian is a special student, his art sensitivity is highly developed and this gives him dynamic to produce work from another advantage viewpoint. He has the persistence to do well, skills and a patient character. He should be given the opportunity to pursue his career in the creative industry and be an inspiration to all.

 Huiwen Cheung
Artist and Art Insructor
ESF KGV School
Hong Kong( 2013)


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