This video is called Dr. Eggs’ Desert. He was walking at midnight alone in dark alleys. He was wandering aimlessly and he was starting fights everywhere. I filmed this in November 2012.

This video was an interview with Heartgrey in March 2013, he was a famous beatboxer in Hong Kong. He taught me how to perform beatboxing in front of audiences. I did my first show with him in Kowloon Bay in front of my family. It was a very exciting experience.

This video was about The Peeping Door in KGV. The door was special to me because I always looked through the window on the door. I made this video in October 2012.

This video was about Stop Motion that I made in December 2012. I made the character and Channel V HD logo in the end all by myself. I made this video because it was one of my projects at school in KGV.

This video that I made in May 2012 was about Chopard L.U.C. Collection. L.U.C. stands for Louis-Ulysee Chopard. He was a famous watchmaker in Switzerland. I made this video because I was inspired by an advertisement on TV.

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