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Exhibition in SCAD

  The Savannah College of Art & Design’s (SCAD) Exhibition this year that I participated displayed the work I did in Year 12 and 13 when I was in KGV. I started in SCAD in September 2013 and I am enjoying every moment. My artwork were first  exhibited in Grotto […]

SCAD Exhibition 1

Shadow Paintings

About The Paintings I composed these two paintings because I was inspired by Mr. Peter Sakievich, who was my tutor in SCAD. His technique intrigued me a lot. These items are mostly my personal belongings. As for the stuffed animals, I acquired them when I was very young. I played […]

Shadow Painting 1

Latest Project

This is my latest work, a portrait of myself in rainbow colours, which I painted at home. I did this painting because I was inspired by one of the painting in the Exhibition called Mother and Child in Autumn Quarter 5 in SCAD, which was called Father and Child. In […]